Matanos L’evyonim

Matanos L’evyonim (Gifts to the Poor) are given either before or on Purim, to be distributed to the poor on the day of Purim itself. At least two gifts should be given.

Rabbinic Authorities have suggested for generations that we spend more on Matanos L’evyonim than on any of the other Purim Mitzvos, and that we do not refuse ANY request for funds on Purim.
We will be raising money in shul for six special charities, four providing for the poor of Eretz Yisroel and two for those in our own community:1. Od Yosef Chai
2. Yad Eliezer Fund3. Local Needs FundIt is recommended to give each one as much as possible.Donations can be made by clicking below

 or can be given in shul to either Rabbi Landesman Rabbi Adler or Marvin Glazer. There will be plates put out on Taanis Esther as well, in keeping with the minhag of giving Machatzis HaShekel.

Tizku L’Mitzvos!