Rabbi Yossie Semel

Rabbi Yossie Semel, Certified Mohel is a member of the Rabbinic Faculty of the Phoenix Community Kollel. He received his milah training and certification in Jerusalem, Israel by the world-renowned specialist and teacher of ritual circumcision, Rabbi Yehuda Giyat. Rabbi Semel brings to the ceremony a sense of security and satisfaction. By avoiding the usage of clamps his method avoids any unnecessary pain to the child. His composure and explanation every step of the way makes one feel comfortable and happy to celebrate this momentous event. Contact Rabbi Semel at ysemel@aztorah.com or 602-326-3885 more information atwww.azmohel.com


Dr. Paul Block, M.D
Canyon State Urology
Dr. Block is the first Orthodox Mohel in Arizona and has welcomed countless of Arizona’s Jewish Baby Boys to the Covenant of Abraham.
Contact His office at 602-375-1700.