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Rabbi Shafir Roizman

Rabbi Shafir Roizman is originally from South Africa. Prior to his recent move to Ohr HaTorah in August of 2020 he was the Rav of a minyan in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles and a rebbe in Mesivta Birchas Yitzchok.

Rabbi Roizman studied in prestigious yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel, as well as in Yeshivas Chaim Berlin in New York. He is a Talmid of HaRav Aaron Schechter and HaRav Binyomin Cohen.

Prior to his 10+ years in Los Angeles, Rabbi Roizman was very involved in both adult and youth outreach in NY and Virginia.

As our shul Rav, he is proficient at answering sheilas on a wide spectrum of topics, as well as counseling couples and individuals.

In addition to his many Rabbinic accomplishments, Rabbi Roizman also has a BS in accounting and is a proficient saxophonist.

Rebbitzen Yael Roizman grew up in the Valley Village area of Los Angeles. In addition to her regular job as a teacher, she is also the director of a girls residential treatment program in Israel.

Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784